15 Best Things to Do in Kuta, Bali

Kuta is the most famous place in Bali. You can reach Kuta from Ngurah Rai International Airport within 15 minutes by taxi. If you use the car, you can pass Jalan Ngurah Rai Bypass from the north region such as Denpasar, Sanur, and Ubud. If you are looking for a beautiful beach with an amazing nightlife, where to do in Bali, you need to go to Kuta. In here, there is a beach that becomes the most popular beach which is known as Kuta Beach. This beach is covered by soft golden sand. The cafes and myriad restaurants are easily found along its coastline. There are some popular activities at Kuta beach such as surfing, swimming, beach games, sunbathing, spa, and yoga.

In addition, Kuta is also famous as the shopping center in Bali. There are a lot of local markets that sell all of the good stuff such as food, clothes, a souvenir at affordable prices. In addition, the upscale shopping malls are also ready to serve the tourist.

Kuta is also widely known as the place that provides the best resort. There are many hotels and a hostel that can be visited by tourists. If you are looking for a good dining place, you will not feel disappointed when you visit Kuta since there are a lot of options for the restaurants. The restaurants don’t only provide Indonesian foods but also food from some other countries. What you need to do is just choosing the best restaurant based on your taste.

Let’s discover the best things to do in Kuta, Bali.

1. Spend the time in Kuta Beach

Spend the time in Kuta Beach
Image Credit: Baliholidaystours.com

Kuta beach is the most recommended place to visit in Bali. This beach is widely known as the best place to enjoy the sunset. Kuta beach is located on the southwestern coast of Bali. The main roads of the beach are Jalan Kartika Plaza and Jalan Pantai Kuta. Those two roads provide a lot of good accommodation for tourists such as resorts, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars. There are several activities that can be done by tourists such as sunbathing, surfing, swimming, and beach soccer. Well, even the beginner can do the surfing on Kuta beach since the waves are suitable for the beginner and the advanced surfers. You can spend the whole day in Kuta beach with a lot of amazing activities.

2. Enjoy your holiday time with the family in Waterbom

Enjoy your holiday time with the family in Waterbom
Image Credit: Waterbom-bali.com

If you spend your holiday with the children, you can visit Waterbom Bali that is located in Jalan Kartika Plaza. The Waterbom has an area of about 38000 m2 of tropical gardens and pools. There is some huge numbers of rides in Waterbom such as Boomerang and Superbowl. If you want to challenge yourself, you can go to try Climax that is a sheer drop slide. The children’s pools are also available so that your children will not feel boring. In addition, there are several cafeterias that provide delicious snacks and meals to charge your energy throughout the whole day.

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3. Watch the amazing performance in Kuta theatre

Watch the amazing performance in Kuta theatre
Image Credit: Baligetaway.co.id

If you are looking for amazing night performances of the host and traditional Balinese dance, you can visit the Kuta theatre that is located at Jalan Kuta Center. There will be a host’s nightly stage performance that is known as Lights of Faith. This performance combines the traditional style with modern technology. You will feel so amazed by the fun, tense, thrilling illusion scenes. You can also watch several magic tricks such as vanishing tricks, displacements, and others. The Kuta theatre is recommended for the whole family show includes the children.

4. Enjoy the lunch on Warung Murah

Enjoy the lunch on Warung Murah
Image Credit: Balicomfyvillas.com

If you are craving some Indonesian Food for your lunch, you need to go to Warung Murah. Well, the meaning of Warung Murah is Cheap Café. This shop is widely known as the top local warung that serves Indonesian food as the main course. Like its name that Cheap Café, the price of this shop is cheaper than other cafes. There are a lot of Indonesian menus that can be chosen by the tourist such as Vegetable side dishes, the fish hot off the grill with rice, hot chicken satay with the spicy peanut sauce and others Indonesian food. This shop is undoubtedly an alternative for the tourist who wants to taste the traditional Indonesian food.

5. Tour in Vihara Dharmayana

Tour in Vihara Dharmayana
Image Credit: Situsbudaya.id

If you want to spend your holiday with historical and religious culture, you can visit Vihara Dharmayana. The other names of Vihara Dharmayana are Lee Gwan Kuta Temple or Kongco Bio Kuta Chinese Temple. This Vihara, founded in 1876, is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Kuta. The temple structure is designed with the intricate Far Eastern Architecture with bright colors. Up until now, the temple’s building is well maintained. The Vihara Dharmayana Kuta is located around 1 km on the east of the main coastal strip, Kuta. The courtyard of the Vihara is designed with a mixture of Balinese and Chinese architecture and full of incense smoke from altars. You will peaceful and yet mysterious at the same time.

6. Play the Kite Flying on the beach

Play the Kite Flying on the beach
Image Credit: Factsofindonesia.com

The kite flying can be an alternative activity to enjoy the beach view with the whole family. If you want to do kite flying like the local people, you can start it by purchasing the traditional Balinese kites. There are several shapes of the Traditional Balinese kites such as Bebean (fish-shaped), Pecukan (leaf-shaped), and Janggan (bird-shaped). You can buy kites in small shops and vendors. Well, the shape of kites is not only limited to the traditional Balinese kites but also contemporary models with different colors. You can fly the kites on the deserted and windy spot in Kuta Beach. Then, you will find yourself enjoying the sensation of kites flying on the Kuta beach.

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7. Shopping in the Kuta Beachwalk

Shopping in the Kuta Beachwalk
Image Credit: Kintamani.id

Kuta Beachwalk is the best place for the shopaholic to do shopping. This is a new mall that runs along the main strip of the beach. There are a lot of things that can be purchased by the tourist such as food, clothes, handicraft shops, souvenir, and even rooftop bar. If you are craving for the foods, there are a lot of delicious food from the international shop, restaurant, Indonesia restaurant, and cafes. This is the best place to relax your mind and do shopping.

8. Play in the Up Side Down Bali

Play in the Up Side Down Bali
Image Credit: Phinemo.com

Up Side Down Bali is located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. It’s a place with the seven specially designed rooms with the reverse order of the gravitation. The décor and furniture are designed on the ceilings. It looks like the people end up gravity-defying stunts in the photos. This place is suitable for the family vacation so that the children can enjoy themselves here. If you go to the Up Side Down Bali with your friends, you will feel glad to see the stunning photos. For the best photos, you can ask other tourists or staff to take the picture for you.

9. Play the Surfing on the Kuta Beach

Play the Surfing on the Kuta Beach
Image Credit: Wandernesia.com

Kuta beach is one of the most favorite places to play surfing. This is the best sport for the beginner since the Kuta Beach lies on a sand bar that is opposed to the reef. So, it’s a safe place to learn how to do surfing for the beginner since they don’t need to worry about the jagged coral. How to start learning surfing? Well, you can take a surfing lesson with one instructor. You can find the instructors easily along the beach. Or else, if you are a professional surfer, you can rent a board for the whole day and enjoy the waves on Kuta Beach. After you finish enjoying the waves by surfing, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on Kuta Beach. It will be perfect to enjoy the sunset by drinking coconut ice or a cold beer. Take a nice photo and close your day with happiness. The sunset is one of the best things to see in Kuta.

10. Visit the Museum Kain on the Beachwalk Mall

Visit the Museum Kain on the Beachwalk Mall
Image Credit: Induced.info

Are you looking for a tour of the museum? Well, you can try to visit Museum Kain that is located on the top of the Beachwalk mall in Kuta. You can visit the Museum when you have a chance to visit the mall. You may wonder what kind of things are displayed by the museum. Well, there are a lot of things that can be seen in this museum. You can learn all about the indigenous textile of Indonesia by seeing the various gallery. Like its name, the Kain means the Textile, so that almost the display on the museum is about the Indonesia textiles. There is a lot of colorful batiks and the tourist also can try to make their own batik. They just need to drip wax on the fabric and make a design by using the wax. Then, the dyes will be added by soaking the fabric in the dyes solution. The museum also provides a lot of souvenirs that can be purchased so that you can give it to your family.

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11. Visit the Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation Site

Visit the Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation Site
Image Credit: Balitraveller.com.au

If you are an animal lover, you can visit the Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation Site that is located on Jalan Pantai Kuta. This Sea Turtle Conservation Site focuses on the turtle hatchery and educational facility. It has released more than 10.000 hatchlings since 2011. If you want to join the activity to release the little turtles to the ocean, you can come to the sea turtle conservation site and register on there. Usually, the releasing of sea turtle will be held after 4 pm from April to October since this time is a turtle hatching season. In addition, you can pay the donation at the discretion and then you can take your own turtle to be released into the ocean. In this conservation site, you can also learn more about the turtle ecosystem in Indonesia. It’s a great place to teach children how to love the animal.

12. Enjoy the Sunbathing in Legian Beach

Enjoy the Sunbathing in Legian Beach
Image Credit: Rizort.com

If you want to do sunbathing on another beach beside Kuta Beach, you can visit the Legian beach which is close to Kuta Beach. You can reach the Legian beach by walking from Kuta Beach. The Legian beach has clean sand with the less crowded of people. It’s the best place for people who like a quiet place to enjoy sunbathing.

13. Visit the Hindu Temple in Kuta

Visit the Hindu Temple in Kuta
Image Credit: Tripsavvy.com

If you want to visit the Pura Temple which is a Hindu temple in Bali, you can find several temples on the main road of Kuta easily. There are several temples that can be found in this main road such as Pura Batu Bolong, Pura Penataran, and Pura Majelangu. If you come to the Pura Kalangan Majelangu on the Melasti days (3 or 4 days before Nyepi or Bali’s day of silence) you can see the locals people will send their prayer and offerings to the God of Hinduism on Kuta Beach. Or else, you can find the priest pray and send offers in the morning and evening.

14. Play in the Pandora Game

Play in the Pandora Game
Image Credit: Movieden.net

If you want to challenge your brain with your friends, you can visit the Pandora Experience Bali in Kuta. The Pandora game is an escape game that is built by 4 uniquely themed rooms. This Pandora game is designed for teams of 2 – 10 people. Every team needs to solve the puzzles and discover the hidden passage. They will follow the scenario and needs to escape the room within 2 hours.

15. Stay in the Poppies Lane Walking Street

Stay in the Poppies Lane Walking Street
Image Credit: Id.hotels.com

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay with good accommodation, you can stay at Poppies Lane Walking street. In this area, you can find the cheap homestay, guesthouse, and inn. This place is not far from the nightlife club in the Legian. It only takes 15 minutes.

And, that’s all about the best places to visit in Kuta, Bali.

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