20 Best Things to Do & See in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been known so well as one of the best travel destinations in the world that you cannot miss at all. This beautiful island, which is also called as the Island of Gods, will definitely blow your mind greatly because of its Places to Visit in Bali. There are so many amazing beaches, forests, parks, and so many other places are waiting get explored. Aside of that, there are so many other awesome things that you can do and see in order to make your holiday in Bali so much more exciting and exceptional. Then, it will be so much recommended for you to check them out below.

1. Surf on Kuta Beach

Surf on Kuta Beach
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One of the things that you must do when you visit Bali during your spare time is surfing on Kuta Beach. This astonishing beach, which is also known as one of the most popular beaches on the island, has the gentle waves that will allow you to enjoy your surfing experiences in the best way possible. Not only that, it has no sharp reefs you need to be afraid of, so that you can really make sure that you will be safe whenever you spend your time doing the water sport activity. Additionally, you can actually rent a surfing board and hire a pro to teach you how to ride the waves well. Besides, it will always be a very nice idea for you to come to the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset just like what the locals and the other visitors do. So then, you can get relaxed while enjoying the view and the atmosphere and drink your favorite beverage.

2. Get Wild at Bali Zoo

Get Wild at Bali Zoo
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Getting wild at Bali Zoo is definitely a very great thing that you have to do when you have a holiday in Bali. This place, which is the first zoological park on the island, will give you the chance to get close to the various animals such as orangutans, deer, lemurs, elephants, and so many more still. All of them will definitely welcome you kindly for sure. The best thing about it is that you can feed and even make some interactions with them. Well, you can come to the zoo when the night falls especially if you really want to play and experience the manners of the nocturnal animals. So, it is so clear that it will be an exciting thing to do as you feel the adventurous atmosphere no matter if you go to the zoo day or night.

3. Try the Watersports

Try the Watersports
Image Credit: Ithaka.travel

It is such a very fun idea for you to try the watersports in Bali as it is called as the Mecca of sun and beaches. There are so many options of watersports in Bali, which can be like banana boating, jet skiing, jet packing, wake boarding, and so many more. Each of the will really make you experience the notable speed which can really increase the beat of your heart and adrenaline. In the other hand, it is so much recommended for you to try snorkeling, diving, or stand up paddle board when you are looking for some slower activity to do. Simply, it must be something that you cannot miss no matter any types of aquatic path that you prefer.

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4. Watch the Mesmerizing Sunset

Watch the Mesmerizing Sunset
Image Credit: Wandernesia.com

Another Thing to See in Bali is the jaw dropping sunset which show you the incredible view of the illuminating sky. It is something that you cannot find anywhere else in order to make your leisure time so much more unforgettable. Well, there are so many great spots in Bali where you can enjoy the sunset perfectly, such as beach or jungle. It does not matter where you enjoy the view, it will always a nice thing you have to add to your list of what you must do when you are in Bali.

5. Sail on a Local Fishing Boat

Sail on a Local Fishing Boat
Image Credit: Hoteluyah.com

Sailing on a local fishing boat is a kind of interesting thing you have to do when you are looking for the unique experience during your vacation in Bali. It will always be nice to enjoy the coastline and the air at the open ocean on a traditional boat just like the native people. It will give you the distinctive vibe that you really love somehow. Even better, you can make it greater when you also enjoy the tasty food and fresh drink at the sunset time on the boat. It will make you have the more romantic and remarkable atmosphere that you cannot get often surely.

6. Visit Menjangan National Park

Visit Menjangan National Park
Image Credit: Travellingto.asia

Menjangan National Park is a kind of fabulous place that you have to visit especially when you want to get away from the dynamic South Bali. This specific place, which is located on the north side of the island, will make you feel more relaxed and free from any stress so well. There are so many cool activities that you can do in order to refresh your mind, body, and soul once you have spent your time there, which are like snorkeling and enjoying moments with the black monkeys and the wild deer. Then, you can actually go to Bali Barat National Park in case you are so willing to visit the place. Afterwards, you have to take a trip nearby Menjangan Island (the Deer Island).

7. Explore Seminyak

Explore Seminyak
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Seminyak is one of the splendid places you have to explore every single time you come to Bali. It is all because it can offer you all the fun and glamorous things as it is away from the traditional Balinese temples and the rice fields. In the other words, Seminyak is definitely the home of many magnificent restaurants with so various delicious food to taste, and also the cool beach bars where you can have a serious fun party. Aside of that, you can find so many notable spas that offer you the best Balinese styled treatments in order to help you to keep the stress away. So, you have to ensure that you choose one of them that can suit you as well as possible. In addition to this, Seminyak has many tremendous boutiques where you can buy the stunning fashion items till you drop.

8. Come to Hot Springs in North Bali

Come to Hot Springs in North Bali
Image Credit: Rentalmobilbali.net

Air Panas Banjar in North Bali can be one of the best place you cannot ignore for sure. The main reason why you have to come to this hot springs is that it will allow you to enjoy the eyes pleasing landscape which looks as beautiful as a tropical garden. It sets in the mid of lush jungle which makes it a perfect spot to take some pictures with the lovely ones. Nevertheless, there are actually three public pools and a private pool you can find. All of them gets the hot water that flows from the volcanic source and pours from the mouths of the eight stone carved dragon heads. So, do not ever feel doubt to bring your swimsuit when you want to dive in to the pool.

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9. Have Fun at the Waterpark

Have Fun at the Waterpark
Image Credit: Mavibalirentals.com

If you want to splash the water in the fun way, it is a must for you to go to Waterbom in Bali. This wonderful place will offer you all the fascinating things which can be like the race slides, the Climax slide, the Lazy River. Each of them will suit any of your family members so nicely no matter if they are kids or adults. You better try all of them as long as you are ready to get your adrenaline increased and push the fear aside. In the end of the day, you can get free from the bring things you have got from your routines.

10. Reach the Top of Mount Batur

Reach the Top of Mount Batur
Image Credit: Tripsavvy.com

Reaching the top of Mount Batur can be defined as one of the best ways to escape from your busy day. This particular activity will make your heart beat faster as you can climb an active volcano and experience how it sounds like as well. Moreover, it will only take about some hours since you start the hike at 3.00 am. There is no too dangerous challenge that you have to face while climbing the mount, so that you do not need to carry some heavy climbing equipment at all. In the simple words, you just have to enjoy the adventure and sceneries around.

11. Do a Selfie with the Monkeys

Do a Selfie with the Monkeys
Image Credit: Coconuts.co

Bali is also known as the home of several species of monkey that will definitely attract your attention. One of the spots on the island is the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud where you can meet the monkey face to face. You can even get more personal with them as they show you the funny expressions and behaviors. So then, it will be cool enough if you can do a selfie with them especially if you think that you are brave enough. However, you have to be careful and make sure that you keep your stuff safe from the monkey, so they cannot steal it.

12. Watch the Colossal Balinese Dance

Watch the Colossal Balinese Dance
Image Credit: Whatsnewindonesia.com

Bali has so numerous colossal dances as it is the part of the Balinese culture you will adore so much. One of them is the Kecak dance that you have to watch while enjoying your time in the island. This artistic dance, which is commonly performed at Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, will involve more than hundred men who sit in circle formation. They will create the marvelous a cappella music to accompany with the main dancer in the center of the circle. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a traditional Balinese dance at the Ubud Palace. You will see some Balinese girls hypnotically move their hands and contort their eyes in ceremonial attire. Thus, this performance will definitely make you always want to come back to Bali whenever you have free time in the future.

13. Dolphin Watching Tour in Lovina

Dolphin Watching Tour in Lovina
Image Credit: Tripcanvas.com

Dolphin Watching Tour in Lovina (North Bali) is one of the best Things to Do in Bali mainly if you want to feel the more natural vibe on your holiday. There, you can enjoy the rare moment when some dolphins play. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you go there before the sun starts to rise, so that you can see the silhouettes of the mammals that look awesomely beautiful with the luminous sky of the dawn as the background. In the end, you will realize that it is a perfect thing to start your day.

14. Visit the Botanical Garden

Visit the Botanical Garden
Image Credit: Travelspromo.com

You better make the Botanical Garden one of your destinations when you spend your holiday in Bedugul, Bali. It will show a sight that your eyes cannot miss because there are gardens and bamboo forest that you can admire so much. Then, the open space and fresh air are also something else you need to relax yourself in a great way. In case you want to do some fun things, it will be nice for you to have fun at the Tree Top Adventure Park where you can clamber through the trees just like Tarzan.

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15. Find Some Local Goods at Morning Market

Find Some Local Goods at Morning Market
Image Credit: Indoindians.com

You have to wake up early and take a tour at the best traditional markets in Bali. By doing this, you will have really good time to explore the morning market and get some fresh local fruit and vegetables. Aside of that, you can also find some vintage clothes, luxurious fabrics, jewelries, the latest fashion items, and various artistic goods as well. All of them can be the nice souvenirs to give to your lovely family and friends.

16. Get Amazed at Tanah Lot Temple

Get Amazed at Tanah Lot Temple
Image Credit: Balicheapesttours.com

Tanah lot temple is the most iconic Hindu temple that sits on the top of a large scenic rock formation. The high tide of the sea has complemented the wonderful sight of the temple for years especially when the waves hit the rock. It is no wonder that it can be one of the fabulous spots where you can catch some pictures for sure. Then, when the tide is low, you can actually walk across the sand to go to the temple and witness its beauty from the closer distance.

17. Experience the Nightlife in Kuta

Experience the Nightlife in Kuta
Image Credit: Ministryofvillas.com

Basically, Kuta is not only for the surfers, but also for the partygoers mainly if you go to Jalan Legian. This place has so many great place to experience its extravagant nightlife as you can find the huge range of café, nightclubs, live music events, and etc. Most of them will keep the party going until the early morning. So, it is obvious that you will never run out of options whenever you look for such a good entertainment.

18. Taste the Seafood in Sanur

Taste the Seafood in Sanur
Image Credit: Almostlanding-bali.com

Many locals and visitors really fall in love with Sanur because it can not only show you the extremely beautiful views of the shore, but also offer you the best restaurants. Most of them will serve the most delicious grilled seafood with rice and chili sauce. All you have to do is just to choose any of them that suit your taste. Additionally, it can be so much more fabulous if you can enjoy the view if the beach while eating your tasty dish with your lovely ones.

19. Go to Gitgit Waterfalls

Go to Gitgit Waterfalls
Image Credit: Rentalmobilbali.net

Make sure that you go to Gitgit Waterfalls which is located between Singaraja and Denpasar. There is a small trail that will lead you to walk through leafy forest and coffee plantations so that you can get there. Then, you will find out the attractive 35 meters waterfalls and its pool where you can swim. Yet, couples better never swim together as many believe that it bring the bad luck to the relationship.

20. Get Brown on Balangan Beach

Get Brown on Balangan Beach
Image Credit: Homesweethome.travel

When you search for the best place of Where to do in Bali, Balangan Beach is definitely the right destination to get away from the crowds and find fine sand where you can sunbathe. The shiny sunlight, which beautify the views around the beach, will make your skin tanned so perfectly. Then, you can also witness the incredible sunset and the orange sky that will remind you how wonderful life is. Also, you can find some café or warungs every time you want to get something to eat.

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