20 Best Things to Do & See in Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, Indonesia has been definitely one of the most recommended places that you have to visit to complete your holiday time. There are so many awesome Things to Do in Lombok that you cannot miss at all especially if you want to get the exceptional and unforgettable experiences during your free time. All of them will really breathtakingly blow your mind, so that you can feel so happy and excited when you have a vacation there. So, it is actually no wonder that you will never regret anything once you have decided to go to Lombok. Aside of that, you will see so numerous great things that can please your eyes in the most amazing way. So then, you will never get bored easily when you explore Lombok as there are so various spots wait for you to see.

Then, do you really want to find out what the best things to do and see in Lombok? If you do, it will be so much better for you to keep reading below.

1. Get Relaxed on Gili Air

Gili Air
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The first thing that you have to do when you come to Lombok during your free time is to get relaxed on Gili Air. This remarkable destination, which is also known as one of the main three Gili Islands, is such a perfect choice for you who are looking for some more serene and chill atmosphere. It is because it can offer you the stunning natural views of the sea for sure. So then, you can really fresh your mind, body and soul in the best way possible when you take some of your time there. Not only that, this place has been known so well as one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. You will find that there are so various beautiful and colorful corals and sea creatures to see clearly. All of them will make you fall in love with this island so instantly, so that you always want to come to this place again and again whenever you have the spare time

2. Have Fun at Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan
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The second thing that you have to add to your things to do list when you visit Lombok, Indonesia is to have fun at Gili Trawangan. This particular island, which is acknowledged as the most developed and the biggest island in Lombok, will be the fabulous place for party especially at the night. There are so many beach bars that will allow you to enjoy a cool party for all night long. Besides, you can also find plenty of café, clubs, or other venues that show you nice live music or dance performance you will love so much. On the other hand, you can enjoy a pretty white beaches with clear water where you can dive or snorkel. In addition to this, in case you are so willing to go to this place, you can only go there by taking an old fashioned horse cart, riding a bicycle, or just going on foot. All of them will definitely be worth all of the extravagant entertainment you can get there.

3. Hike to Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall
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Furthermore, it will be a very good idea for you to hike to Tiu Kelep Waterfall when you spend your holiday in Lombok. This 45 meters waterfall, which is located on the north of the island, has been one of the most beautiful spots you have to visit. It is all because this place can really show you the notable and jaw dropping view you adore for sure. In the other words, the great combination of the waterfall and the gorgeous emerald jungle will definitely fascinate you so excellently. In this case, you can actually start your trekking activity from Senaru Village, and then take about 45 minutes of walking to get to the waterfall. Then, you can see the interesting local flora and fauna while trekking the route. The best thing about it is that you can swim in the pool at the base of the cataract to cool yourself after a hot and adventurous trekking.

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4. Visit Air Kalak Hot Springs

Air Kalak Hot Springs
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Moreover, it is so much recommended for you to visit Air Kalak Hot Springs that is located about 200 meters from the main campsite near Mount Rinjani. The main reason why you have to go to this hot springs is because it can be a splendid place for you to enjoy. You can not only capture some great moments and sceneries, but also soak your body in order to cure all the pain and aches after the activity you have done before. Many believe that the water is such medicinal profit as it has lots of mineral contents. So, based on this fact, it is so obvious that you will never feel disappointed every time you take your time there.

5. Go to the Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm
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Next, Lombok Island is so famous among the people because of its amazing pearl farm such as Autore Pearl Farm. This specific pearl farm has been leading the industry as it can show you the prettiest pearls in South East Asia region that you will like so much. There will be a very nice tours that suits you who really want to find out everything about the pearl cultivation, which can be from the starting point of the pearl cultivation to the harvest time. Aside of that, there is also a showroom where you can see the attractive and astonishing pearl products. Even better, you can buy any of them in order to support the local pearl farming business in Lombok.

6. Scuba Dive on Gili Meno

Gili Meno
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Gili Meno is definitely Where to do in Lombok especially if you really want to explore the natural beauty of the island. Well, you will have many options to choose every time you spend your time in this small island, which one of them that you must do is scuba diving. You can see the magnificent sea creatures and turtles when you start to snorkel in the sea area. All of them will make you feel amazed because of their outstanding beauty that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, Gili Meno can offer you the calm atmosphere which will help you to get free from any stress you have got from your busy routines or to get the romantic vibe that really fits couple.

7. Trek to Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani
Image Credit: Rinjaninationalpark.com

Mount Rinjani is the other spot that you cannot forget to see when you are in Lombok. This main mountain of the island, which also known as the second largest volcano in Indonesia, is a nice place to trek surely. So, it is no wonder that there are so many option of trekking routes that you can choose. Nevertheless, the short trekking route is much recommended for you who have the short vacation in the country. Otherwise, it will be awesome for you to take the longer trekking route if you have longer holiday time to explore fabulous places, craters, the wider view of Lombok, and even the sunrise when you are at the top of the mount.

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8. Catch Some Rays on Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach
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Lombok has so many pretty beaches that will mesmerize you in the most excellent way possible somehow. That is why it is a must for you visit Selong Belanak Beach when you go to the island mainly if you are looking for the best place to catch some rays. This tremendous beach, which is located on the south of Lombok, will allow you to enjoy your time on the clean golden sand under the sunlight. Besides, you can also try to ride a surf board even if you are not as good as a pro because the wave is not too challenging. Additionally, there are many local stalls that offer you simple rice or noodle dishes with fresh coconut.

9. Enjoy the Views from Bukit Pergasingan

Bukit Pergasingan
Image Credit: Phinemo.com

Bukit Pergasingan can be defined as one of the best destinations that you have to visit especially if you do not want to hike too high. You can find this hill, which is 1,700 meters above the sea level, in Simbalun Village. The important thing about it is its marvelous scenery of the fields with the different hues that will grab your attention. Then, it can be the stunning spot you have to capture as you can find it anywhere else.

10. Come to Narmada Water Park

Narmada Water Park
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It is a must for you to come to Narmada Water Park which was built in 1727 under the guidance of King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem. This superb water palace is a sacred spiritual and religious retreat for the Hindu people. You have to ensure that you check its unique architecture that you can see when you pay more attention to its details. Not only that, the decoration of the park is something else to catch your eyes as there are a lush garden that make you feel the water element and the spring nuance whenever you take a stroll.

11. Get Tanned on Senggigi

Image Credit: Trip.web.id

Senggigi has been one of the most popular destinations that can complete your vacation in Lombok perfectly. This beach can offer you the calm and relaxing atmosphere to help you to release your stress nicely. Even better, it will allow you to enjoy the sunlight and get tanned on its clean sand without worrying about the crowds at all. Then, there are so many restaurants and café that provides you the tasty food you cannot get enough. Besides, you can also find good hotels and resorts that will give you the best services amazing view to the beach nearby.

12. Go to Tetebatu Village

Tetebatu Village
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You need to go to Tetebatu Village when you want to experience something different when you are in Lombok. This particular village will offer you tranquility as there are lots of rice paddies and forests that wait to be explored. Aside of that, it is also a good place to buy some distinctive products of Lombok, which can be like the traditional weavings, potteries, and so on. All of them is such nice souvenir you can give to your lovely ones.

13. Explore Pusuk Monkey Forest

Pusuk Monkey Forest
Image Credit: Adventureinyou.com

Exploring Pusuk Monkey Forest can be a fun thing that you have to do when you spend your leisure time in Lombok. It has the outstanding mountain landscape where you can find wild monkeys in the jungle and even near the street. You are actually allowed to feed the monkeys in order to have the closer interaction with them. However, you have to be careful and always keep your eyes on your stuff which are like bags, backpacks, sunglasses, cameras, and so on as the monkey can take it so easily from you.

14. Enjoy Your Time on Pink Beach

Pink Beach
Image Credit: Merahputih.com

Enjoying your time on Pink Beach is something that you have to really do when you visit Lombok. This place which is on the Ekas Peninsula, is still a worthy Thing to See in Lombok. The fabulous pink sand make this beach, which is out of all the corals, look so wonderful and magnificent at the same time. Then, the quite atmosphere will make you feel free to have fun or just get relaxed on the beach and get away from the exhausting stuff in your life. Additionally, it is so better for you to go to Cliff Ringgit where you can enjoy the pleasing scenery surely.

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15. Experience Sasak Culture

Sasak Culture
Image Credit: Abyraden.wordpress.com

When you visit Lombok, it is the time for you to experience the unique culture of the Sasaknese people (the native people of Lombok). They have extraordinary culture that will excite you well as they have so many great traditional music and dances. Each of them will be the marvelous entertainment that you will fall in love with. Besides, the Sasak wedding parade, which will commonly be held on the weekend, is something you must see because there will be the loud Gendang Beleq musicians to cheer everyone up.

16. Camp by Lake Segara Anak

Lake Segara Anak
Image Credit: Rinjani.indonesia-tourism.com

Lake Segara Anak is an amazing place which is located in the caldera of Rinjani and surrounded by the forest. So, it is actually no wonder if this spot can show you the eyes pleasing view of the blinking stars as it creates a natural barrier. So then, you will feel so calm and relaxed when you look up to the night sky. Well, in case you really want to camp by this lake, you can actually get the chance by taking a 3 days 2 nights Mount Rinjani Trekking Package.

17. Try the Tasty Lomboknese Food

Lomboknese Food
Image Credit: Traveloka.com

Lomboknese local food is something that you cannot forget to try when you are in the island. There are so many options of tasty food when you take a vacation on the island, which can be like Ayam Taliwang, Nasi Puyung, Sate Rembiga, Plecing, and so many more still. Each of them has the distinctive tasty flavors as they are seasoned with the special Lomboknese herbs and spices. So, do not ever be surprised that you cannot get enough once you have tried them.

18. Take a Pottery Class

Pottery Class
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Lombok is one of the best places you have to visit especially if you really want to learn how to make pottery. You can find so many centers of pottery production where you can take a pottery class at, which one of them is Penujak Village. In the simple words, you will have the chance to learn every single stage of pottery production from the experts, which is from the making process to the firing process. So, you will be able to make your own pottery.

19. Learn about Traditional Lomboknese Weaving

Traditional Lomboknese Weaving
Image Credit: Wisatawanalam.blogspot.com

Lomboknese weavings is a kind of interesting thing that will always steal your attention surely. The beautiful colors and motives of Tenun Ikat (Made by the male Lomboknese) and Tenun Songket (made by female Lomboknese) look so wonderful and unique, so that you can make them souvenirs for the lovely ones. In addition, you can get those textiles from the various traditional textile workshops in Sukarare Village which you can find on the south of Lombok.

20. Witness the Panoramic Sunset at Kuta Beach

Sunset at Kuta Beach
Image Credit: Locationscout.net

The sunset moment at Kuta Beach is undeniably something that you have to witness when you go to Lombok Island. The perfect combination of the sunset, the sky, and the water of the sea creates the superb panoramic view you cannot miss. It will definitely fit the quiet atmosphere that you can feel when you enjoy your way along the coast. Thus, you will realize that this beach is one of the most impeccable Places to Visit in Lombok anytime you want to escape from your boring life.

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