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15 Best Things to Do & See in Semarang, Indonesia

As the capital city of Central Java province, you can expect that Semarang will have a lot of things to offer. Yes, this is something that you cannot deny because you can find almost anything that you want in Semarang. There are industrial areas as well as party and vacation area. Therefore, you should not ask about where to go in Semarang. There are a lot of nice places that you can surely find here in Semarang. If you do not know where to start, you can start with these places below.

1. Kelir Hill Watchtower

Kelir Hill

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The watchtower is becoming more and more common nowadays, especially on the area with height. You can take Semarang as example. There is a hill called Kelir in Semarang. This hill is quite attractive because of the traditional watchtower there. For your information, this is one of the best spots in Semarang where you can see the whole city from the height. Unfortunately, the watchtower only opens during daytime. It would be nice to watch the beauty of city lights from the height.

2. Fishing in Tirang Bay

Tirang Bay

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Marina Bay is very famous for the people in Semarang. It is because this bay is quite nice. Besides that, the budget to have a short holiday here is very affordable. However, if you want something different, you can find Tirang Bay not far from Marina Bay. This bay is not isolated at all, but there are not many visitors to this place. That is why this place is the perfect spot if you want to go fishing. Besides that, the coral reefs below the water is a great hiding spot for the fish. That is why you can easily catch a lot of fish here.

3. Exploring the Beauty of Kayon Pine Forest

Kayon Pine Forest

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Lately, a lot of pine forests are turned into an amazing tourism spot. It is because the shades and cool atmosphere of the forest is something that many people are looking for after the hard works. The same thing can be found in Kayon pine forest in Semarang. This pine forest offers you the perfect escape during the weekend. It is recommended for you to visit this place during the weekend since the weekdays this place is not that much fun.

4. Exploring Old Town in Semarang

Old Town Semarang

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The Old Town is one of those icon of Semarang City. It is true that there are a lot of other spots that you can find in Semarang. Yet, this is one of those places that you should not miss from Semarang. For your information, there are some people who said that the Old Town does not offer you a lot of things. That might be true, but the beauty of the old architecture is something that you cannot find anywhere else.

5. Buying Real Batik in Batik Village

Batik Village

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Batik is one of those icons of Pekalongan, one city in Central Java. Even though, you can also find batik village in some other parts of Central Java, including Semarang. Yes, there is one small village called batik village in Semarang where most of the people here are doing batik for living. This is quite fascinating because you can buy the real batik that has just been finished here. This is one absolute things to do in Semarang.

6. Enjoy the Nature in Rawa Pening

Rawa Pening

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Rawa Pening is literally translated as the silent swamp. The atmosphere might be scary for some people, but the truth is the real opposite. This swamp is more like a lake. That is because a lot of local people are living from this large swamp. As an addition to that, the water is quite clean. With the ideal view of mountains across the swamp, this place is a great place for you to enjoy the nature. You can stay until the sun sets if you want to see the miracle of this swamp.

7. Trekking in Ungaran Mount

Ungaran Mount

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There is only one mount in Semarang. It is the Ungaran Mount. As the one and only mount in Semarang, you can expect a lot of hikers to go and hike to the top of this mount. Yes, this is one of those many nice activities that you can do in Semarang. For your information, this mount is not that high so that you can reach the peak of this mount in less than four hours of walking. So, it is not that tough to reach the peak and find the beauty of Semarang from the peak of Ungaran Mount.

8. Exploring Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

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Lawang Sewu is the place where ghost has no dignity at all. It is because this building used to be a very scary place. Nowadays, this place turned into a tourist attraction that many people visit every day. For your information, the term of Lawang Sewu was derived from the alias of this building, a building of thousand doors. That is because there are a lot of doors and windows that this building has. If you are interested, you can try the night tour here.

9. Admiring the Architecture of Blenduk Church

Blenduk Church

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Blenduk can be translated into convex or raised. The name was taken from the roof of this church that looks totally different from many other churches around the world. The roof of this church is a bit round. It is a bit similar with the roof of a masque. That is why a lot of people are admiring the beautiful architecture of this church. For your information, this church is still being used for many religious activities even though Blenduk church is one of those tourist attractions in Semarang.

10. Visiting Sam Po Kong Chinese Temple

Sam Po Kong Chinese Temple

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For many years, Semarang has been known as one of those cities in Indonesia with the large number of Chinese people. This is why you can find one of the best Chinese temple in Central Java called Sam Po Kong. Until this point, this Chinese temple is still being used for religious activities. However, the grandness of this Chinese temple also attracts a lot of attention from many travelers in Semarang.

11. Photo Hunts in Ayana Gedong Songo

Ayana Gedong Songo

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Gedong Songo is actually one of those tourist attraction in Semarang that offers you the nice view of temples in the height. However, the government decided to expand the area of Gedong Songo into Ayana. This place is one sure things to see in Semarang. It is because this place is one of the best places in Semarang where you can find a lot of spots to take pictures. You do not need to worry about your social media anymore. This place will give you all of the photos that you need to fill your social media.

12. Praying in the Great Mosque of Central Java

Great Mosque of Central Java

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Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province and Semarang has the Great Mosque of Central Java. Yes, this mosque is like the Kaaba of Indonesia. The area of this mosque is very large. This mosque also has six giant umbrellas that can be opened to shelter the pilgrims who come to pray here. For your information, the Great Mosque of Central Java can easily accommodate up to 15,000 people during some special Islamic occasions.

13. Culinary Travel in Pasar Semawis

Pasar Semawis

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The name is Pasar Semawis, or Semawis market. However, it is better for you to visit this market at night. It is because the market turned into an amazing culinary area at night. Located on the Chinatown area of Semarang, this place attracts a lot of people who are hungry for the unique foods from Semarang. There is one amazing thing that made this culinary area is very famous. It is the fact that you can find almost any kind of food here, starting from the Chinese, local, and even the western style foods.

14. Hunting Pictures in Celosia Flower Garden

Celosia Flower Garden

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Celosia flower garden is the real hidden paradise that many people do not know. It is because this place is quite new. For those who are looking for the beautiful spot to take some pictures, this flower garden is the one. The beautiful color combination of the flowers here is something amazing. It is like the drawing of kids with lots of colors. Besides the flower garden, Celosia also offers you some other areas that you can explore on your own.

15. Umbul Sidomukti

Umbul Sidomukti

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You are not going to Semarang if you have never been to Umbul Sidomukti. It is because Umbul Sidomukti is one of those iconic destination in Semarang. Located in the height of Semarang, this place offers you a lot of nice and amazing attractions. Even though this place is considered as man-made, most of the things that you can find in Umbul Sidomukti are very natural.

For your information, Semarang is actually a large regency with a lot of districts inside. That means there will be a lot of more places to visit in Semarang. Those places mentioned above are just some of the best places that you can try if you are visiting Semarang. So, if you think that you have found another nice place in Semarang, you should try it on your own. Try to explore more and more parts of Semarang as a traveler.

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