20 Best Things to Do & See in Surabaya, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Surabaya is known as one of the most crowded city. It is because this city is the capital state of East Java province. That is why the city attracts a lot of attention from many people in Indonesia. Besides its function as the governance area, there are also a lot of nice things that you can do in Surabaya. That is why you do not need to ask where to go in Surabaya. It is because there are a lot of nice places and attractions that you can find in Surabaya. If you are interested, you can try one of these things on the list of amazing things to do in Surabaya.

1. Playing Sinbad in the Biggest Water Park in Southeast Asia

Biggest Water Park
Image Credit: Idntimes.com

Having something that you can be proud of is something nice. That might be one thing that Surabaya feels at the time being. It is because you can find the biggest water park in Southeast Asia in Surabaya. As an addition to that, the artificial river on this biggest water park is something worthy to try. With the Sinbad style, you will never want to miss this chance in your lifetime. You will love the thrill and the adventurous feeling when you are inside this water park.

2. Visiting the Four Faced Buddha

Four Faced Buddha
Image Credit: Indonesia-tourism.com

Who said that Indonesia does not have the large Buddha statue like there is in Thailand? You can check Surabaya if you want. There is one large Buddha statue with four faces. For your information, the statue is considered as one of the tallest that you can find in Indonesia. Yet, nowadays you can find the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali. So, this Buddha statue might look smaller than the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali might. Yet, this statue is still worth to look for.

3. Old Romance in Red Bridge

Red Bridge
Image Credit: Jalanjalanyuk.com

There is a bridge in red color that becomes the silent witness of the Indonesian people fighting for its independence. Since that time, there are not many changes that you can find from this red bridge. Yet, that is one nice thing that you can find here. That is because more and more people consider this spot as the historical spot with great history behind. It was the love of a lovely woman who has to let her man go to the battlefield for Indonesian independence.

4. Recalling the Heroic Stories of Surabayan People

Heroic Stories of Surabayan
Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

In Indonesia, Surabaya is known as the City of Heroes. The main reason is because of the number of fights that the people in Surabaya have to deal when they are fighting for the Indonesian independence. That is why if you want to recall the heroic stories about the Indonesian people who struggled to get its independence, then Surabaya is the best place to do that. Here in Surabaya, you will find the Hero Statue, the Tugu Pahlawan. That is the real sign of the fight during those hard times.

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5. Visiting House of Sampoerna

House of Sampoerna
Image Credit: Payperlead.us

It is not a secret anymore that cigarette is something good for your health. However, what will you do if you are living near one of the biggest cigarette companies in Indonesia? That will make a big difference. As an addition to that, Sampoerna is one of the best if you are asking about their cigarette quality. As a matter of fact, many of their cigarettes are exported. That is just how good their product is. So, if you are a smoker, you need to surely visit this place at least once in your lifetime.

6. Trying a Real Submarine Periscope

Real Submarine Periscope
Image Credit: Traveloka.com

Trying to use a telescope might be something common for some people. That is because you can get a telescope in many stores out there. Yet, what about a periscope, the large telescope that you can find in a submarine. That will be one of the best things to see in Surabaya. In Surabaya, there is a submarine monument that you can visit. One of the best things that you can do here is trying the periscope. Yes, you can try the real working submarine periscope that is still working.

7. Cheap Shopping in Pasar Turi Surabaya

Pasar Turi Surabaya
Image Credit: Goodnewsfromindonesia.id

Many people love to shop at the flea market. It is because the price is very affordable. If you are a shopping addict, then going shopping to Pasar Turi in Surabaya will be a dream comes true. It is because there are a lot of amazing but cheap things that you can find here. For your information, you can eat a lot of local snacks for around two dollars only. The problem is that you need to speak Indonesian language to get the cheapest possible price. The people here can be a bit tricky sometimes.

8. Watching Puppet Performance in Hong Tiek Hian

Hong Tiek Hian
Image Credit: Tridharma.or.id

Hong Tiek Hian is the name of a Chinese temple that you can find in Surabaya. This Chinese temple is one of the biggest and the most attractive that you can find in Surabaya. The reason is because you can watch the puppet performance here. Yes, this Chinese temple is not for praying only, but also for entertaining people. To make it even better, the puppet performance is like nothing else. It is the Potehi Puppet. What is that? You would better watch it on your own.

9. Watching the Beauty of Kenjeran Beach Sunset

Kenjeran Beach Sunset
Image Credit: Allindonesiatourism.com

Who does not dream of a romantic view with their couple? If you are one of those people who are looking for a romantic spot in Surabaya, then you will need to visit Kenjeran Beach. This beach is not that attractive during the noon. It is because the view is quite plain with some fishermen activities there. Yet, the sunset is something amazing. Many couples even agree that the sunset can melt their hearts together to become one.

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10. Amazing Cheng Hoo Mosque in Surabaya

Cheng Hoo Mosque
Image Credit: Blog.airpaz.com

Talking about the architecture of a building, you cannot deny that most buildings have their identity. You can check at the church for example. You will find the large bell with a cross near it. The same thing is applied for the mosque of the Muslim people. Yet, there is one very distinctive mosque in Surabaya. The name is Cheng Hoo mosque. The name has the sense of Chinese name. The large door of this mosque has the Middle Eastern style. Meanwhile, the foundation of this mosque has the thick impression of the Javanese style. What a great combination of culture in architecture.

11. Legendary Wedding Spot in Gula Street

Gula Street
Image Credit: Mewithacupoftea.blogspot.com

There is a place called Gula Street in Surabaya. For many years, this place is used for a pre-wedding photo spot. The reason is because the torn-down building walls around the area are amazing to be used as the background. That is why you can put this place as one of those things to do in Surabaya. You do not have to bring your fiancé here to take a pre-wedding photo session. You can use your smartphone camera. For the fee, you can pay the keeper anything that you have.

12. Amazing Mangrove Adventure in Wonorejo

Image Credit: Tripadvisor.com

The mangrove forest always attracts a lot of attention. It is because this water plants look totally amazing if they are maintained properly. That is why the mangrove forest that you can find in Wonorejo has a lot of daily visitors. Many people visit this mangrove forest because it offers you a very great adventurous feeling. It is like you are experiencing the adventure of Indiana Jones inside the mangrove forest. Be careful when you do inside there since you might get lost inside.

13. Twin Lagoon Photo Shoots

Twin Lagoon
Image Credit: Mamikos.com

You cannot deny that social media has become one of the most important things for many teenagers nowadays. That is why Pakuwon City as one of the biggest housing developers in Surabaya made a change to facilitate those teenagers. They have one nice spot called Twin Lagoon. This spot is located in the swan lake inside the Pakuwon City. With the large pillars of old Greece style, this spot is great for your Instagram or Twitter photos. You should try it despite of your age.

14. Non-Pollutant Area in Jambangan Tourist Village

Jambangan Tourist Village
Image Credit: Feb-berkebun.blogspot.com

It is something almost impossible to happen, especially in Indonesia. Yet, this is happening in Surabaya. There is one village called Jambangan. Nowadays, this village is used as the tourism village. One attractive thing about this village is the fact that you will never find any pollutant here. You will not find any kind of garbage around this small village. This is one great achievement of Tri Rismaharini Major, the major of Surabaya. For your information, this kind of thing will not happen without her fights.

15. Classic Dining in Dream Cars Resto

Dream Cars Resto
Image Credit: Id.openrice.com

There are a lot of fancy restaurants that you can find in Surabaya. Yet, not all of them become one of those iconic restaurants to visit in Surabaya. Fortunately, there is still one restaurant that you can find in Surabaya. The name is Dream cars Resto. This restaurant offers you the unique dining experience. It is because you are going to eat inside the modified classic and vintage cars. Yes, they have modified some antique and classic cars into the perfect spots for dining.

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16. The Valiant Jalesveva Jayamahe

Jalesveva Jayamahe
Image Credit: Goodnewsfromindonesia.id

Many people have never heard about the term of Jalesveva Jayamahe. It is because the term is something specified for the Indonesian Navy. The term means ‘Even on the Ocean we Still Triumph’. That is one real thing that this large statue tries to show to all of the people in Surabaya. If you look at this large statue, you will realize that this statue is the copy of Liberty Statue in United States. Yet, this one is specified to show the valiant spirit of the Indonesian Navy.

17. Buying Second Handed Things in Gembong Market

Gembong Market
Image Credit: Jatimnet.com

Gembong in Indonesia can be translated as the kingpin in the world of mafia. That might be one reason why there are a lot of used and second handed things that you can find very cheap in this traditional market. For your information, the things that they sell here are branded things. So, it is quite possible for you to find the channel bag for less than 1,000 dollars here on this market. Of course, you have to search thoroughly because there are a lot of merchants that you can find here.

18. Book Hunting in C20 Library

C20 Library
Image Credit: Ngelancongweekend.com

Some people call this library while the others call this place as a bookstore. Yet, many college students in Surabaya called this place as ‘the library’. The reason is because this place offers them a lot of nice literary that they cannot find in many other places in Surabaya. Yes, this place offers you many interesting and rare books. So, if you are looking for the best place to find some books, you have to try visiting this place. Who knows that you will get something interesting here?

19. Having Pizza in La Rucola Resto

La Rucola Resto
Image Credit: Breathealicious.blogspot.com

This is the only place that you have to visit if you are looking for the amazing pizza in Surabaya. There are some pizza restaurants in Surabaya, including the franchise ones. However, none of them beats the amazing taste of the pizza in La Rucola Resto. This restaurant is the authentic Italian restaurant where you can get the best pizza in Surabaya. For your information, this place might not suit for the family dinner. So, you should try to bring your couple only when you visit La Rucola Resto to get some pizzas.

20. Mecca Atmosphere in Kampung Arab

Kampung Arab
Image Credit: Wartanasional.com

Kampung Arab is literally translated into the Arabia village. The reason is because you can find the Arabian living style and atmosphere here in Kampung Arab. If you are into the Arabian living atmosphere, this is one of those places to visit in Surabaya. There are raw looking buildings such as the real ones that you can find around Mecca. Besides that, the people who live in this area are mostly from the descendant of the Middle Eastern people. That is why the atmosphere is even thicker.

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