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Planning A Perfect Honeymoon in Turkey

With your wedding just over the horizon in 2019, your personal life is presently a flurry of activity. Picking your dress, coordinating the caterers for the reception, and sussing out the details of the ceremony are pushing you to the limit.

And yet, with all this activity, you just realized that you have postponed a key portion of the process for far too long: the honeymoon. Designed as a period of sanguine relaxation after the delightful chaos of your wedding week, this detail is just as important as the others in your mind, but with all the other things on your plate, you are now actively looking for a quick and easy solution that delivers excellent value for per dollar spent from your wedding budget.

Regarding this point, you have taken an interest in booking your honeymoon holidays to Turkey, as it is a country that marries the exoticism of the Middle East with the civility and infrastructure of Europe. But the question remains, which resort town should you choose? In this article, we will discuss three possibilities that likely appeal to you and your spouse-to-be…

1. Bodrum


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If the pulse of a vibrant tourist area feeds your inner extrovert and you seek the same on your honeymoon, then staying in the Bodrum area is for you. Stay at a fabulous Neilson resort in Ortakent, which will make for a relaxing base from which exploring the local area can be easily accomplished. In Bodrum, you will find no shortage of castles, ruins, and former Roman amphitheaters to explore. Get scrubbed down and treated at an authentic Turkish bath called a hamam, then have a leisurely dinner at Kocadon, considered by many to be the finest restaurant in Bodrum.

2. Foca


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If a more laidback setting is up your alley, then consider Foca for your honeymoon getaway. With a smaller population than Bodrum, this area is still accustomed to catering to foreign guests, but without the jam of people you might see in a place like Antalya. Lounging on the beach will be a popular activity for you and your main squeeze, as no less than five bays in the area have been granted a Blue Flag designation for cleanliness. There is no shortage of points of interest here as well, as there are some castles and ancient tombs that date well into the past.

3. Adakoy Island

Adakoy Island

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Those who truly want to get away from it all should book a honeymoon holiday on Adakoy Island, a paradise exclusive to those staying at the Neilson resort that is present here. Those that crave activity can take advantage of this resort’s abundant water sports equipment, or those seeking a more laid back day can lounge by the pool, which has a stunning view of the beach and the bay that sprawls beyond it.

Turkey: An amazing value for newlyweds

With present day wedding budgets ballooning well into the five figures, it can be easy to just toss more cash into the fire on an overly expensive resort in an expensive country. By going to Turkey for your post-nuptial holiday, you can extract the value you are expecting, for a price that can’t be beat!

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