3 Seductive Restaurants in Singapore

As the world progresses through the 21st century, it is clear to most by now that Asia has ascended to the top of the world order. Wanting to experience this vitality and power for yourself, you and your partner have decided to take your honeymoon on the delectable beaches of this friendly and dynamic corner of the world.

On your way to and from your destination, whether it happens to be on Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, or elsewhere, you have lengthy layovers via Singapore on each end of the trip. Given that Singapore is one of the wealthiest places in the entire region, tracking down a highly stylish restaurant to have a romantic, decadent meal at definitely sounds like a much better use of one’s time then hanging out in the massage chairs at Changi Airport, doesn’t it?

If you agree, then seriously consider a night out at any of the following three restaurants, and you won’t just see all the progress that the Singaporese have made – you’ll taste it too!

1. Brasserie Les Saveurs

Brasserie Les Saveurs

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While Singapore is centred firmly at the heart of Southeast Asia, its status as a financial centre in the region has attracted expats from around the world to work in its many investment banks, along with all the support businesses that feed off this economic acitvity. In turn, this has drawn restauranteurs from a wide variety of nationalities dedicated to feeding the diverse tastes of these busy employees with deep pockets.

As such, there is plenty of quality French restaurants in this city state, and among them, Brasserie Les Saveurs ranks among the best. With dishes ranging from seafood, various meat entrees and risotto to die for, all backed by the soft soulful melody of a perfectly tuned piano, it is a dinner pick you won’t soon regret!

2. Sky on 57

Sky on 57

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Being one of the world’s most unique buildings that has risen in the past 20 years, the Marina Bay Sands Resort stands out with its three towers topped by a cantilevered platform rested atop them like a massive surfboard. Near the top of this gaudy development is the highly regarded Sky on 57, which boasts some of the best views of the downtown core of Singapore.

Sit at a proper table indoors, or opt for more causal seating out on the balcony, with the powerful lit-up skyscrapers standing up before your eyes. While going here for dinner is never a bad idea, this place is best known for its breakfast, so get out here early and be awarded!

3. Stellar at 1-Altitude

Stellar at 1-Altitude

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If you’d rather look out at Marina Bay Sands than from it, then dining atop 1 Raffles Place is a better option for you and your spouse. If variety is important to you both, then choosing Stellar at 1-Altitude will fit the bill justly, as everything from sushi to rotisserie chicken is on offer. Afterwards, head up to the rooftop bar, buy an overpriced Singapore Sling, and take in the grandeur all around you – just don’t forget to call a cab to take you back to the airport in time to catch your connecting flight!

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