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Unique Ideas For A Honeymoon in East Asia

Ever since you met, the two of you have been huge Asiaphiles. From the quirky light-heartedness of Japan, to the dynamic energy of Korea and Taiwan, you both know that there is much to attract the couple seeking a taste of something different from the usual romantic and/or tropical clichés.

Now that you are getting married this summer, you want your honeymoon to be a testament to that belief. East Asia, especially in the warmer months, has many places that appeal greatly to those deeply in love with one another.

If you’re looking to merge your love of this region with the passion you have for your partner for life, here are three ideal places where you both can have a unique honeymoon in East Asia.

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island

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Long considered by Koreans to be the Hawaii of their country, Jeju may not be an exact match for the famous American tropical island, but it contains enough charms, attractions, and natural beauty that makes it a worthy destination in its own right. From beaches with crystalline water that are backed by restaurants that serve Hweh (Korean style seafood), to vista-filled hiking experiences that take you to the top of an extinct volcano (the highest peak in Korea, but very walkable), and even a park dedicated to phallic sculptures (you know, to get you in a certain mood!), Jeju Island contains enough unique, delightfully quirky, and beautiful experiences to make your honeymoon here a memorable one.

Okinawa, Japan


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Sitting firmly in the subtropics, Okinawa is the ideal destination for those marrying in the cooler months of the year. Despite its agreeable weather year round, Okinawa gets substantially less busier during the winter, making for blissfully empty beaches. It does get cool enough at night though for cherry trees to blossom when the temperature ticks up after dropping low enough in the late winter/early spring, making for gorgeous surrounds at this time. In addition to all of this, Okinawa contains most of the cultural trappings of Japan (as well as hints of the native Ryuku culture), making for interesting days away from the beach or hotel pool!

Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge

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While the frenetic pace of Taipei city may not seem like the most conducive atmosphere for romance (do spend a few days to soak up the urban life of this lively metropolis though), there are natural wonders within this island nation that will have you canoodling in each other’s arm within a short time of arriving at them. The first of these places is Sun Moon Lake, a body of water that is the largest in the country, and given that it sits at 760 metres in altitude, the air here is much cooler than in the subtropical lowlands, and it is surrounded by many picturesque mountains. While swimming is forbidden here, feel free to admire the legendary views from many hotel pools with choice views of this timeless place. More adventurous couples will also enjoy Taroko Gorge, a narrow and deep limestone canyon that is filled with trails that lead to view won’t soon be forgot by you or your partner!

Have A Super Happy Fun Honeymoon In East Asia!

Through all the cultural discoveries, natural attractions and romantic encounters you have on your East Asian honeymoon, the fun-loving, helpful, and friendly people you meet along the way will be what defines this trip. Engage them, and you will surely have a holiday that will be hard to match in the years to come!

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