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Where To Stay in Bali: 3 Ideal Hotspots

When it comes to being seductive, no place in Southeast Asia comes close to matching Bali, an Hindu-dominated island within the massive archipelago nation of Indonesia. Combined with local animist traditions, the Balinese culture has manifested itself in exquisite design, from luxury hotels, to simple things like house gates and the simplest of restaurants.

Every object in daily lives seems to be shaped and carved, decadent pools and ponds in gardens are commonplace, and dining in restaurants where it seems like the bill will add up to over $100, but the true cost is a mere fraction of that is the norm. As a result, Bali is an increasingly population destination for newlyweds and those looking to re-stoke the flames of passion in their relationships, and wouldn’t you know it, the best weather of the year occurs here through the months of June through October.

To get you off the fence and on a plane to one of the most romantic places on the planet, here are three ideal hotspots to have the best couples holiday you and your partner have ever had!

1. Seminyak


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While the best beaches in Bali are located in the southern portions of the island, much of this region is a snarled urban mess, which is sprinkled in with the “let’s party and get blackout drunk crowd” in places like Kuta. Further north and west, the scene gets better in Legian, but the most luxurious and relaxing resorts and beachfront can be found in the community of Seminyak.

The most fabulous hotels can be found here, with infinity pools that butt up against the beach, restaurants that serve up fine foods from around the world (and local cuisine as well) at a fraction for what you would pay back home, and modern design that compliments the Balinese tradition perfectly.

2. Ubud


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If the beach scene is too hectic for you, then retreating a short distance from the ocean to the cultural centre of Bali may prove to be the move that you are looking for. Here, the pools are even more ornate in their construction (even in more basic accommodations), which matches the timeless view of terraced rice fields that many of these creations have.

In town, paintings, carvings, musical instruments, and more, each set more starkly different than the other, will delight the souvenir shopper, while monkeys will charm you … but beware, as they will steal food, sunglasses, and even cameras from those that aren’t paying attention.

3. Bedugul


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Despite being located close by one of the most spectacular temples on the island of Bali, the vast majority of folks visit on day trips from the southern portions of the island. If a more springlike climate is more appealing to you than the hot and sticky weather that is resident in the lower elevations, than consider Bedugul.

Explore the iconic temple of Ulun Danu Temple at your leisure instead of rushing to get “the picture” like everybody else, then turn your attention to one of the many strawberry plantations in the area, and pick some juicy berries for you and your love. The whole area is devoid of the crowds found in the south, and the locals here are friendlier due to a lower level of exposure to foreigners, making a stay at a private villa here a perfect place for the couple looking to get away from it all.

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